News Headline Summary

WTI crude futures pop higher and break today's range to print fresh highs at USD 89.73...

... Earlier highs at USD 89.15 taken out, and significant technical levels said to have been erased at USD 89.19.
- Prompted a marked tightening in the Brent/WTI spread, trades USD USD 20.39 - tightening by just over USD 1 on the day.
- Volumes remain light heading into the holiday period - providing erratic and exaggerated moves across the asset classes.
- As a reminder, WTI Jan'13 futures expiries are due at the pit close of 1930GMT/1330CST.
- No specific news behind the latest moves higher in WTI Crude futures.

Print 15:47, 19 Dec 2012 - Market Analysis - Source: RANsquawk