News Headline Summary

Worth of note that there is attention being paid to talk of an asset allocation of USD 20bln out of equities today, stemming from a Goldman’s note on month-end rebalancing

- The Goldman’s model estimates a net –USD 20.07bln of equities for sale from pension rebalancers (the S&P 500 outperforming U.S. T-notes by +6.72% this month), with USD 11.83bln from calendar-based flow (strictly monthly rebalancing, excluding the trigger)

Update details:

- This is not a large size, and Goldman's sends out a note of month-end rebalancing each quarter, however this could get attention in the final hours of trade today and final hours of trading for the month.

Print 13:57, 31 Jan 2013 - US Equities - Source: RANsquawk