News Headline Summary

Several FOMC participants said easing may prompt excessive risk

- Many FOMC participants voiced concern about risks of more QE.
- FOMC participants said markets had adapted to use of thresholds.
- Nearly all FOMC participants saw inflation staying within goal.

Reaction details:

- In immediate reaction to the release of the minutes:
- T-notes moved 9 ticks lower from 131.17+ to 131.08+.
- Gold moved over USD 11 lower from USD 1580/oz to USD 1568.34/oz.
- USD-index moved 260 pips higher from 80.811 to 81.071.
- E-mini S&P made a small move to the downside before quickly paring; trades 1522.50 last.

Print 19:00, 20 Feb 2013 - Fed - Source: Newswires