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NEWS: BlueMountain Capital file a 13D in Lexmark (LXK).
REACTION: LXK shares popped 2.2% higher in reaction to this SEC filing from USD 28.39 to USD 29.05.

NEWS: J.C. Penney (JCP) has USD 1.75bln loan commitment from Goldman Sachs.
REACTION: Co. shares moved 3.75% higher in reaction to this news from USD 16.27 to USD 16.89

TIME: 1933BT
NEWS: JC Penney (JCP) delays media launch of home sections by 3 weeks
REACTION: In reaction to this headline co. shares fell 1.0% to trades USD 16.27 last.

NEWS: Leap Wireless (LEAP) cut to buy vs strong buy at Janco
REACTION: In an immediate reaction, Co. shares moved 2.03% lower from USD 6.20 to USD 6.08.

NEWS: Tesla Motors (TSLA) is to offer fully loaded model S perfomance 85 cars loaners.
REACTION: In an immediate reaction Co. shares fell 3.23% from USD 52.57 to USD 50.60.

NEWS: For VirnetX (VHC), Apple (AAPL) has issued a new bulletin admitting to violation of VHC patents.
REACTION: VHC shares moved 2.77% higher in immediate reaction to the news from USD 21.34 to USD 21.91.

NEWS: Market talk that Red Lion Hotels (RLH) is subject to a takeover bid of USD 9.00 per share – unconfirmed.
REACTION: Co. shares moved 9.72% higher in immediate reaction to the news from USD 6.42 to USD 7.04.

NEWS: Market talk that Carl Icahn has taken a stake in Hewlett Packard (HPQ) – unconfirmed.
REACTION: In an immediate reaction, HPQ shares rose 1.44% from USD 19.59 to USD 19.87.

NEWS: RBS (RBS LN) may issue equity conventional notes diluting existing share holdings.
REACTION: In an immediate reaction, co. shares fell 0.98% from GBP 2.94 to GBP 2.91.

NEWS: InterDigital (IDCC) upgraded to buy from hold at Dougherty.
REACTION: Co. shares moved 1.77% higher in immediate reaction from USD 41.75 to USD 42.94.

NEWS: BoJ sees 2% inflation to be achieved in the latter half of the next three years.
REACTION: USD/JPY immediately moved 23 pips lower from 98.53 to 98.30.

NEWS: Bank of Japan keeps pledge to double monetary base in two years at an annual pace of JPY 60-70trl. The BoJ also keeps monetary policy unchanged by unanimous decision
REACTION: In the immediate reaction, USD/JPY moved 26 pips lower from 99.06 to 98.80 and the Nikkei 225 moved 14 points lower from 13,946 to 13,932. In the following 5 minutes, JGBs moved 7 ticks higher from 144.64 to 144.71.

26 Apr 2013 - 21:07 - Equities Bank Speaker - Source: RANsquawk

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