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NEWS: As the exit polls from Italy continued to show a tight race between the two main coalitions, uncertainty and speculation arose that Italy could be forced into a hung parliament. These exit polls were covered in full, with regular wraps, comparisons and updates.
REACTION: Over the course of the European afternoon, EUR/USD fell over 250 pips, as the E-mini S&P fell over 2.5% to mark the sharpest intraday fall since November last year. In fixed income markets, Italian BTP futures made over 300 tick losses as Bunds gained over 150 ticks across European afternoon and the US session.

NEWS: AB INBEV (ABI BB) and the US were granted their request to suspend a government lawsuit seeking to block the Co. from buying Grupo Modelo SAB.
REACTION: In immediate reaction, Constellation Co. shares moved 2.64% higher from USD 43.28 to USD 44.43.

NEWS: EDAP (EDAP) shares move to session highs after a positive mention on
REACTION: Shares move higher by 16% in an immediate reaction to USD 3.74.

NEWS: AZZ (AZZ) upgraded to buy from neutral at DA Davidson.
REACTION: Share move higher by 2.9% to USD 44.95 in an immediate reaction.

NEWS: Relational reports 8.76% stake in SPX Corp (SPW).
REACTION: In immediate reaction, SPX Corp shares moved 7.41% higher.

NEWS: Italy Centre Left seen ahead in Senate race on 32%, leading Berlusconi coalition on 29.7%.
REACTION: In immediate reaction, EUR/USD moved 18 pips higher from 1.3207 to 1.3225 as the Bund moved 2 ticks lower from 143.55 to 143.35.

NEWS: Israeli Central Bank leaves benchmark rate at 1.75% vs. Exp. cut of 25bps.
REACTION: USD/ILS immediately moved lower by 154 pips from 3.7180 to 3.7026.

NEWS: Ocean Bio-Chem (OBCI) broad-spectrum disinfectant approved by EPA
REACTION: Co. shares immediately moved higher by 30.55% from USD 2.27 to USD 2.96

NEWS: Italy centre right leading in Senate race overall on 31%, centre left 29.5% and Grillo at 25.1%, according to RAI projections;
- Italy's Centre Right (Berlusconi) on 34.6% in key senate region of Lombardy, with the Centre Left at 31%.
- Italy's Centre Right on 35.6% in Campania, ahead of Centre Left with 30%.
- Italy's Centre Right on 33% in Sicily with the Five Star Movement on 33% and Centre Left at 28%.
REACTION: Over 45 minutes since 1515GMT EUR/USD moved around 90 pips from 1.3276 to 1.3186. Mar Bund Futures moved 62 ticks higher from 143.00 to 143.62 over 45 minutes from 1515GMT.

NEWS: Bersani led coalition set to win Italian vote according to Sky poll
REACTION: - BTP March futures moved 37 ticks in immediate reaction to the news from 113.13 to 113.49. FTSE MIB moved 141 points higher from 16592.75 to 16734.00. March bund futures moved 20 ticks lower 143.11 142.91.EUR/USD moved 19 pips higher from 1.3295 to 1.3314.

NEWS: Deutsche Boerse (DB1 GY) says not in merger negotiations
REACTION: Co. shares were initially halted by the exchange, but then fell 6%

NEWS: CME (CME) said to approach Deutsche Boerse (DB1 GY) to consider merger talks
REACTION: In an immediate reaction, Deutsche Boerse shares spiked up around 2.2% before being halted by the exchange due to excess volatility. Shares then resumed trade and gained around 6% since the initial headline was run.

25 Feb 2013 - 21:48 - Fixed Income - Source: RANsquawk

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