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NEWS: Market talk that Pacific Drilling (PACD) is subject to takeover - Unconfirmed
REACTION: In an immediate reaction, co. shares spiked up 3.22% from USD 9.98 to USD 10.31.

NEWS: Navistar (NAV) director said to have bought 127,000 co. shares
REACTION: In an immediate reaction, co. shares spiked up 1.07% from USD 19.49 to USD 19.69.

NEWS: For Rubicon (RBCN). Business Insider says Yahoo (YHOO) likes the company
REACTION: RBCN shares pop 5.9% to the upside in reaction to this article; trades USD 6.34 last.

NEWS: SodaStream (SODA) CEO says 'business as usual' despite conflict in Israel
REACTION: In an immediate reaction, co. shares spiked up 1.30% from USD 35.73 to USD 36.20.

NEWS: Ceasefire between Hamas and Israel agreed according to a Palestinian official with knowledge of the talks
REACTION: In immediate reaction to this headline WTI crude futures fell from USD 87.05 to USD 86.65. Brent crude futures fell from USD 110.52 to USD 109.95 immediately.

NEWS: Market talk that IBM is close to making a USD 3.4bln offer for Fusion-io (FIO) - Unconfirmed
REACTION: FIO shares moved 2.23% to the upside after this news from USD 23.10 to USD 23.62.

NEWS: SunOpta (STKL) downgraded to hold from buy at Desjardins
REACTION: Shares opened the session lower by 1.12% at USD 6.17.

NEWS: Israeli police report explosion on bus in Tel Aviv, but not clear is Tel Aviv blast bomb or rocket
REACTION: In the minutes following this original headline WTI crude futures moved to a fresh high of USD 87.54, gaining USD 0.20.
- Brent crude futures gained USD 0.35 cents in a move to fresh highs of USD 110.95 in the first minute following this headline.

NEWS: BoE's MPC voted 8-1 to keep the asset purchase facility unchanged at GBP 375bln, BoE's MPC voted 9-0 to hold benchmark interest rate at 0.5% in October; unlikely to cut bank rate in foreseeable future
REACTION: In reaction to the less dovish than expected vote split immediate strength was seen in GBP with GBP/USD moving 20 pips to the upside, from 1.5907 to 1.5927. Gilt futures fell 9 ticks, moving from 119.44 to 119.35 in reaction to the vote split and comments indicating than further asset buys in the future are less likely than originally expected.

NEWS: Germany’s finance minister Schaeuble says there is no agreement among Euro zone finance ministers on Greece, we will meet again on Monday.
REACTION: EUR/USD spiked lower 17 pips instantly on the headline and lost a total of 81 pips in the following 42 minutes as the news filtered through the market trading from 1.2817 down to 1.2736.

NEWS: Euro finance chiefs reach a decision on Greece, according to an official.
REACTION: EUR/USD spiked 23 pips higher in 2 minutes following the headline from 1.2799 to 1.2822.

21 Nov 2012 - 21:13 - Energy Rumour - Source: RANsquawk

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