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TIME: 2024 GMT
NEWS: Virgin Media (VMED) and Liberty Media approve deal according to CNBC
REACTION: Virgin shares immediately moved 1.8% higher in reaction to this news; trading at session highs.

TIME: 1832 GMT
NEWS: For Pandora (P), BGR reports that "New hidden icons discovered in iOS 6.1 point to imminent streaming radio service from Apple (AAPL)
REACTION: For over 10 minutes Co. shares fell 1.4% in reaction to this article.

NEWS: For First Solar (FSLR), IRS proposed to classify solar companies as solar -REITs
REACTION: In immediate reaction, Co. shares moved up 4.5%.

NEWS: US DoJ alleges S&P (MHP) lied about its objectivity
REACTION: In an immediate reaction, Co. shares fell 2.62% from USD 48.03 to USD 46.72.

NEWS: Market talk that Molycorp (MCP) is subject to takeover - Unconfirmed
REACTION: In an immediate reaction, Co. shares spiked up 1.70% from USD 7.36 to USD 7.49.

NEWS: Market talk Sunshine Heart (SSH) subject to takeover, with Medtronic (MDT) the touted buyer - Unconfirmed
REACTION: In immediate reaction, Sunshine Heart Co. shares moved 7.74% higher

NEWS: Credit Suisse upgrades Golden Star (GSS) to neutral
REACTION: Co. shares move 1.88% higher in immediate reaction to the news from USD 1.60 to USD 1.63.

05 Feb 2013 - 21:42 - Energy Rumour - Source: RANsquawk

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