News Headline Summary

Market talk of a think-tank report on Greece, said to say that Greece will receive aid next week and all talk of default will be taken off the table - unconfirmed

‘Market talk’ – Signifies information that has not been formally tested through traditional journalistic channels and therefore is to be treated as unsubstantiated. Any interpretation of the talk is taken at the readers own risk and is a representation of the rumours within the market place and never generated by ourselves.

Update details:

- The European finance minister are set to meet and discuss the Greek financing gap this Tuesday, with many European leaders seeing progress and a resolution at the talks. However, some have been slightly more hesitant recently, with the Dutch finance minister earlier commenting that he could not say whether a consensus could be reached at the meeting.
- Of note, there are still differing views between the EU and IMF on how to handle Greece's funding gap.

Reaction details:

- No immediate reaction observed following the market talk, as the chatter is alongside current rhetoric among European leaders.

Print 14:32, 16 Nov 2012 - Economic commentary - Source: Newswires