News Headline Summary

Market talk of a Japanese language Nikkei Newswire story that says the latest surveys suggest the opposition LDP party in Japan could win a majority - Unconfirmed

‘Market talk’ – Signifies information that has not been formally tested through traditional journalistic channels and therefore is to be treated as unsubstantiated. Any interpretation of the talk is taken at the readers own risk and is a representation of the rumours within the market place and never generated by ourselves.

Update details:

- Abe, the leader of the Japanese opposition LDP party, has been particularly vocal in his conferences that the inflation target for Japan should be set at 2.0% and unlimited quantities of purchases should be conducted by the Bank of Japan in order to weaken the JPY currency.

Reaction details:

- The JPY has weakened across the board over the past 30 minutes, with USD/JPY coming back toward session highs of 82.35; trades 82.24 (+34 pips) last.

Print 16:04, 05 Dec 2012 - Economic commentary - Source: RANsquawk