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JP Morgan (JPM) says expects second half of 2012 operating expenses to be comparable to the first half of 2012

- Expects between 9.0% and 9.5% +/- Basel III tier 1 common ratio by the end of 2013.
- Expects Q4 mortgage banking origination volumes to be at or above Q3 2012 levels.
- Continue to believe that on an absolute an static basis the firm should be earning USD 24bln annually.
- Mortgage banking total quarterly net charge offs likely to be below USD 600mln.
- Sees Q4 CIB markets revenue lower than Q3.
- Sees Q4 treasury and CIO quarter net loss slightly better than USD 300mln.

Reaction details:

- No immediate reaction to these headlines, last trade at USD 40.56 (-0.61%).

Print 17:05, 04 Dec 2012 - US Equities - Source: Newswires