News Headline Summary

Japan PM Abe's close to selecting nominee for next BoJ Governor, likely to make final decision in next few days; former finance minister official Toshiro Muto remains leading candidates, according to sources

Update details:

- Toshiro Muto is currently Head of a private think tank Daiwa Institute of Research.
- Muto Was nominated for the job in 2008 but consequently rejected in the upper house, where the ruling coalition did not have a majority. Muto feels the BoJ can buy more LT government bonds and expand asset purchases more aggressively.

Reaction details:

- USD/JPY moved lower 19 pips from 92.73 to 92.54; trades 92.53 (-33 pips) last.

Print 03:21, 15 Feb 2013 - Asian News - Source: Newswires