News Headline Summary

Italian BTP Auction Results: 3-year yield lowest since October 2010, Italian treasury completes 2012 funding

- Italy sells EUR 3.495bln 2.75% Dec'15 BTPs, bid/cover 1.359 (yield 2.50%)

- Italy sells EUR 729mln 4.50% Mar'26 BTPs, bid/cover 1.977, Prev. 1.50 (yield 4.75%, Prev. 5.320%)

Update details:

- After Monday's well-received auction, analysts were expecting similar results however the bid-to-covers in the short end were weaker than average.

Reaction details:

- The auction results came in the wake of the issuance from the Spanish treasury, which analysts have deemed as average due to the restricted size, as such Italian BTP futures failed to see any upside with the It/Ge spread moving alongside Spain's to trade wider by 3.5bps.

Print 10:15, 13 Dec 2012 - Fixed Income - Source: Newswires