News Headline Summary

German IFO Business Climate (Jan) M/M 104.2 vs. Exp 103.0 (Prev. 102.4)

- IFO Current Assessment (Jan) M/M 108.0 vs. Exp 107.2 (Prev. 107.1)
- IFO Expectations (Jan) M/M 100.5 vs. Exp 99.0 (Prev. 97.9, Rev. 98.0)

Reaction details:

- EUR/USD saw a lot of volatility due to the delayed nature of the data release, settling around 5 pips higher from pre-announced levels at 1.3428. Worth noting that EUR/USD had gained around 15 pips in the minutes leading into the release, coinciding with a bid-tone in the DAX future and downward pressure on the core fixed income markets.

Print 09:01, 25 Jan 2013 - EU Data - Source: Newswires