News Headline Summary

Equity markets in Europe continue to edge higher, as market participants remain hopeful on a resolution to Greek debt crisis after the country raised enough funds yesterday to meet maturing obligations

Update details:

- EUR/USD near highs and in close proximity to intraday option expiry level at 1.2750. GBP/USD also on highs, looking to make a test on 1.5900 to the upside.
- IT/GE and SP/GE 10s tighter by 8bps.
- It was also reported overnight that Greek banks are to keep receiving the same amount of emergency central bank aid (ELA) despite a reduction in the amount of T-bills they can offer in exchange, to EUR 3.5bln from EUR 7bln. The source added that banks' ABS has increased in value enough to make up the difference.

Print 09:46, 14 Nov 2012 - Market Analysis - Source: RANsquawk