News Headline Summary

ECB said to be poised to re-accept Greek government bonds as collateral if the next aid tranche is approved according to sources

- ECB is also said to look at the options for a Greek bond rollover or buyback.
- ECB may also consider using investment portfolios to help Greece and reduce its funding gap.

Update details:

- The net effect of these comments, if enacted, would be that Greek banks would not have to rely on the domestic Emergency Lending Facility but would be able to borrow via the ECB directly which would theoretically be cheaper.
- The developments on Greece receiving the profits on Greek bonds held by the ECB are not new and have already been circulated, as has the debt buyback.

Reaction details:

- EUR/USD moves higher over the next minute from 1.2965 to 1.2975.

Print 17:39, 26 Nov 2012 - Economic commentary - Source: Newswires