News Headline Summary

Bank of Japan's Shrikawa says Japan's economy is weakening


- Japan's economy to remain relatively weak for the time being before resuming moderate recovery.
- JPY rises have negative impact on Japan's economy be weighing on exports and business sentiment.
- BoJ powerful easing has had certain effect in keeping JPY rise in check.
- Worsening of Japan- China relations likely to have clear effect on exports in Q4.
- Mindful of strong business sector hope for policymakers

Reaction details:

- USD/JPY has seen a minor up tick of 4 pips since the start of Shrikawa's comments moving from 82.28 to 82.32 over the course of 5 minutes.
- No reaction seen in the Nikkei 225 or JGBs.

Print 02:28, 26 Nov 2012 - Asian News - Source: Newswires