News Headline Summary

Bank of Japan Minutes for Meeting on February 2013

- BoJ members agreed Japan's economy appears to stop weakening.
- BoJ members agree economy will return to moderate recovery path.
- BoJ members agree CPI to turn negative before moving to zero.
- BoJ members agree to pursue aggressive easing to achieve target.
- Some BoJ members said buying longer maturity JGB is one option.
- Some BoJ members said increasing risk asset buys is one option.
- One BoJ member said inflation rate may overshoot on excessive easing.
- One BoJ member said immediate start of open-ended buys is one option.

Update details:

- BoJ announced no new monetary easing steps on February meeting.

Reaction details:

- No immediate reaction seen in USD/JPY, trades 96.63 (+33 pips) last.

Print 23:52, 11 Mar 2013 - Asian News - Source: Newswires