News Headline Summary

Australian Employment Change (Nov) M/M 13.9K vs. Exp. 0.0K (Prev. 10.7K, Rev. 10.2K)

- Full Time Employment Change (Nov) M/M -4.2K (Prev. 18.7K, Rev. 17.6K)
- Part Time Employment Change (Nov) M/M 18.1K (Prev. -8.0K)

Update details:

- This is a much-better-than expected employment change data as we did hear from RBA at their recent meeting where they said they expected unemployment to edge higher in the future.
- Of note, another employment report will be released before the RBA meeting in Feb.

Reaction details:

- AUD/USD immediately spiked higher by 27 pips from 1.0453 to 1.0480, trades 1.0474 (+21 pips) last.
- No immediate reaction observed in ASX 200.

Print 00:31, 06 Dec 2012 - Asian News - Source: Newswires