News Headline Summary

After a decline in peripheral yields at the open, yields have since risen and pared some of the earlier losses; the SP 10y yield now sits at 5.26% and IT at 4.52%...

Update details:

... Goldman Sachs put out a client note this morning which recommended being long SP 5s, adding to appetite for short-dated SP paper in early trade.

- The SP/GE 10yr spread is tighter on the day by 9.8bps and IT/GE by 8.9bps. The earlier 5 & 10yr auction out of the Italian treasury had little impact on peripheral yields, as results were mixed with yields lower in-line with recent price action, but bid/covers lower than at the previous offering.

Print 11:24, 29 Nov 2012 - Fixed Income - Source: RANsquawk