The world's leading market moving audio news service.

Real-time audio, text & analysis for the professional trader.

Real-time Audio Our low latency audio stream covers markets 24 hours a day...

Important news in real-time

Our team of analysts monitor over 100 news sources so you don't have to. We only speak when necessary, give a heads up before key releases, and emphasise important data.

Text Headlines See what you hear...

More than just audio...

Our searchable and personalised news headlines allow you to catch up with the day's events, with added analysis and reaction details.

Live text demo (5min delay)

Research, Videos & Calendars


12-15 daily research sheets produced in-house before, during and after market giving you a precise and up to date briefing whenever you need it.


Our all-encompassing calendars not only provide you with daily releases but also with economic data, central bank speakers, earnings, bond auctions, expiries and any event that the market deems important.

Analyst Chat A direct line to our squawk desk...

Your own personal analyst

A service you can get nowhere else! Exclusive to RANsquawk, Analyst Chat is aimed at offering an additional level of service and real-time interaction with our analyst team.

It will also provide our professional subscribers an opportunity to chat in real-time with other professional users of RANsquawk along with our 'Analyst Insights' into the daily market.

Client testimonies

This is what our clients have to say about us...

'As event driven traders, it is important to understand the news behind the headline. RANsquawk looks into the headlines to the information that moves the markets, this is what makes them better.'

Ronin Capital, Chicago

'RANsquawk is fast, consistent and our primary source of news. They know how and when to deliver market moving information. We have made and saved money on numerous occasions and would highly recommend them.'

Schneider Broking, London

'RANsquawk is the news source that we use that gives us the information that matters now. It aggregates all the major news wires and delivers the information that counts.'

DV Trading, Chicago

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